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Handling the Product

HYCOOL is safe to handle. It is non-flammable, chemically stable, non-toxic and has no flash point.

HYCOOL is primarily made of potassium formate. Potassium formate as a substance is not referred to in the Swedish Chemicals Agency's or the ECs substance directives.

Product classification, WGK
This product's classification affects conditions for transport, storage and waste disposal. It is based on keywords such as oxygen reduction, eutrophication and discharge of nitrates, and has been included in European regulations that protect our water environments. HYCOOL has been classified as innocuous to water environments, which is to say WGK 1.

Dermal Response Test
This test, carried out by Covance Laboratories Ltd in the UK, is based on skin irritation in relation to exposure over time, showing that HYCOOL does not cause skin irritation. People with sensitive skin may experience a certain irritation upon direct contact; however the substance cannot be regarded as dangerous.

Addcon Nordic advises the use of protective gloves and goggles when handling all chemicals.

Product classification
HYCOOL is not listed as a hazardous product/substance, as it does not exhibit any characteristics that would classify it as a hazardous substance according to recommended tests. This evaluation is based on the European Union's expert committees, economic committees and national laws that apply.

Safety datasheet for HYCOOL is available in the ecoonline database.
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