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HYCOOL enables us to drastically reduce the environmental impact of refrigeration systems.

TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact)
This assessment is done to calculate a cooling system's theoretical contribution to global warming.

TEWI measures the direct global warming impact from the cooling system (based on leaks and filling of the refrigerant during its lifetime) and indirect impact on energy consumption during system lifetime.

TEWI = (GWP•L•n) + (GWP•m•[1-R]) + (n•E•B)

If relevant data for a specific cooling system is applied to the formula above the result will show that using HYCOOL leads to a reduction of the impact of any greenhouse effect.

GWP = Global Warming Potential of the primary refrigerant
L = Primary refrigerant leakage each year [kg]
n = The operating life of the system [years]
m = Amount of primary refrigerant [kg]
R = Recovery ratio of the primary refrigerant
E = Energy consumption per year [kWh]
B = CO2 emission per kWh
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