About us
About us

HYCOOL Global is as it says -
A global supplier of Hycool potassium formate heat transfer fluids for Secondary Refrigeration Systems.

What is HYCOOL?

HYCOOL Global Ltd sell secondary coolants under the HYCOOL trademark. HYCOOL is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient refrigerant for heat pumps and refrigeration and freezer systems.

HYCOOL is an energy carrier based on water and formate, with a very good environmental profile.

It is a stable and effective solution for those seeking minimal capital outlay or operational costs.

SRS Frigadon FWC Twin Condenser Chillers for the US Fruit Growing Market, now available in full Stainless Steel Chassis’ for use with Hycool Fluids

F W Mansfields & Sons, Kent
28,000 litres of HYCOOL 20 supplied for the 'C A' Controlled Atmosphere Fruit Storage Facility installed by ICA (International Controlled Atmosphere) together with 1,100kW SRS Frigadon chiller installation.

This totally zero CO2 refrigerant installation with R1270 hydrocarbon primary refrigerant enhances the ‘green credentials’ of all end users that install such refrigeration systems.

Thanet Earth, Birchington, Kent
8,000 litres of HYCOOL 20 fluids supplied for this 480kW installation for Hydroponic Fruit and Salad Growers; this being a similar system as above as a zero CO2 refrigerant installation.

Users of HYCOOL no longer need to consider trade-offs between good thermodynamic properties and environmentally friendly qualities. Hycool offers support and service from our team of technicians and researchers who are willing to visit and help if any problems arise. Our distributors can help with information about construction, installation and maintenance.
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